Malawi Association UK (MAUK) is a non-profit community organisation registered with and regulated by the Charity Commission for England and Wales. The purpose of the Association is to offer a sense of community and network for Diaspora Malawian nationals as well as friends of Malawi living in the UK. The Association offers its members a central point of connection, inclusiveness, support and advancement.

The Association operates as an umbrella organisation working in partnership with other regional Malawi Associations in the UK. MAUK aims to increase community connections between Malawi and the UK through the building of local/international partnerships and networks. MAUK seeks to support development activities in Malawi and to promote a positive image of Malawi and its culture abroad.

MAUK provides a point of referral for guidance on general welfare resources and services. In addition, MAUK facilitates access to information on non profit organisations and development experts focussing on Malawi, as well as providing information on Malawian owned businesses operating in the UK, and access to experts in a variety of areas through its network within the Diaspora community.

Membership of MAUK is currently free. The membership fee structure is reviewed annually.

Malawi Association UK Registered Charity No: 1063801 (Registered in England and Wales)